Geocaching is a modern day treasure hunting game for adults and families that spans across the world. It provides a way to experience the culture and natural beauty of an area through an adventurous game!

The Washington County Heritage GeoTrail is based on historic locations throughout Washington County. To win the game, simply complete 15 of the 32 sites. You must complete 4 sites in the Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast quadrants and all 3 sites in the Northwest quadrant to qualify. Don't forget to sign your name on the log sheets!

A grid sheet can be downloaded by clicking here or you can pick one up at the visitor's center located at 672 5th Street in Chipley. Return the completed grid sheet with all 15 sites logged and you will qualify to receive a pathtag series.


1. Falling Waters
N 30 43.526, W 085 31.726/N 30 43.587, W 085 31.880
The centerpiece of Falling Waters is a unique disappearing waterfall and several sinkhole entrances leading into limestone caverns.

2. Chipley Monument
N 30 46.813, W 085 32.230
The monument is for Colonel William Dudley Chipley in which the city of Chipley gets its namesake.

3. Kudzu Plaque
N 30 46.649, W 085 33.089
This marker attests to the historic significance of the development of the fast growing Kudzu plant in the early part of the 20th Century.

4. Possum Monument
N 30 37.825, W 085 35.374
The Possum Festival, originally known as "Fun Day" began in 1970.

5. Orange Hill United Methodist Church & Cemetery
N 30 41.327, W 085 31.289
This church traces their history to a "church house" built in the later half of the 19th Century.

6. Rock Hill Church & Cemetery
N 30 45.117, W 085 27.546
The oldest grave identifiable in the cemetery is dated 1889.

7. Chipley Livestock & Auction
N 30 46.926, W 085 30.387
To meet the marketing need for an invigorated livestock industry, Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Neel established the Chipley Livestock Market in 1954.

8. Hard Labor Creek Church & Cemetery
N 30 40.445, W 085 36.585
On this site Union and Confederate forces met in a brief standoff.

9. Limestone Cemetery
N 30 45.946, W 085 34.122
This was the cemetery connected with Limestone Church, which sat adjacent to it. This was also Chipley’s first school.

10. First United Methodist Church
N 30 45.935, W 085 34.128
The beautiful art glass windows, often confused with stained glass, were made in Antwerp, Belgium.

11. The Florida National Egg Laying Test
N 30 46.957, W 085 29.476
The Florida National Egg Laying Test was placed in Chipley in 1926, because of the poultry interest and spirit of cooperation existing in the community.

12. Stanton Church Furniture Company
N 30 49.720, W 085 31.620
Started in 1952 as a cabinet shop that later became Stanton Church Furniture Company.

13. Magnolia Memorial Lane
N 30 44.114, W 085 32.283
The Magnolia Memorial Lane stands as a memorial to the members of the 13th Field Artillery Brigade who died in Africa and Europe during WWII.


14. Caryville
N 30 46.549, W 085 49.562
In 1903, Caryville boasted “one of the most gigantic and best equipped sawmills plants in the South”.

15. Hinson’s Crossroads
N 30 40.113, W 085 50.545
Two brothers, Harrison and Joshua Hinson, homesteaded what would later become known as Hinson’s Crossroads.

16. Pate Lake
N 30 41.478, W 085 45.341
Pate Lake was first called Yates Lake, most likely due to its proximity to the Yates Homestead.


17. Miller’s Ferry
N 30 34.368, W 085 50.677
William “Billy” Miller, Jr. was granted by the territorial Governor the right to operate the ferry across what is now called “Miller’s Ferry” over Holmes Creek and provided crossing services until 1951.

18. Shell Landing
N 30 32.304, W 085 51.760
During the Steamboat Era, Shell Landing was a shipping port along Holmes Creek and supported a community there.

19. Boynton Cutoff
N 30 31.446, W 085 52.297
Boynton Cutoff was the hiding place for Creek Indians during the Creek and Seminole Wars and it was a rendezvous point for bushwhackers and a hideout for deserters from both armies during the War Between the States.

20. Vallombrosa
N 30 34.685, W 085 48.602
This site, with a view possibly unmatched in Florida, was in the heart of the state’s panhandle.

21. Pine Log State Forest
N 30 25.750, W 085 52.955
Florida’s first state forest, Pine Log was purchased in 1936.

22. Captain Fritz & Cowford Crossing
N 30 28.239, W 085 52.526
The Captain Fritz operated on the Holmes Creek-Choctawhatchee run perhaps longer than any other vessel. The Indians used Cowford’s Crossing long before the Spaniards, British or Americans used it as a crossing place.

23. Cedar Bluff
N 30 24.473, W 085 54.611
On February 6, 1864 this was the site of a Union raid on a Confederate outpost, later to be known as Red Head.


24. Vernon Cemetery
N 30 37.473, W 085 42.583
Across the grounds can be found gravestones of veterans of the Second Seminole War, the Civil War and the wars of the 20th Century.

25. Weaver Coach
N 30 37.505, W 085 42.722
Gene Weaver delivered mail on a daily route that took him a distance of 180 miles round trip between Vernon, Chipley, Miller’s Ferry, Ebro, Wausau, and Bonifay. After 1951, he also delivered passengers.

26. Moss Hill Church
N 30 35.046, W 085 40.636
This church was organized from the Holmes Valley Methodist Mission, established between 1821 and 1825.

27. Sylvania A.M.E. Church
N 30 36.810, W 085 40.307
After the Civil War, emancipated slaves established their own churches. One of the earliest was the Sylvania A.M.E. Church.

28. Daniel’s Lake
N 30 31.745, W 085 39.654
One of Washington County’s many beautiful lakes, Daniel’s Lake is the location of the island that Chief Holmes is said to have escaped to after being wounded by Captain Bowles and his men.

29. Gap Pond Freewill Baptist Church
N 30 32.582, W 085 34.005/N 30 32.834, W 085 33.997
The Church and Cemetery were created and built by the Taylor and Finch families. The first person interred there was Mrs. W.M. Finch in 1899.

30. Gainer Cemetery
N 30 27.223, W 085 32.688
George Franklin Gainer, Sr. discovered this area in 1818 while serving as a surveyor and mathematician with the US Forces under the command of General Andrew Jackson during the campaign against the Spaniards occupying Florida.

31. Econfina Creek
N 30 28.930, W 085 31.507
Over one thousand years ago, Creek, Cherokee and Seminole Indians drew water from the icy clear spring…they called it “Econfina” or “Natural Bridge” for a natural limestone arch, which crossed the sparkling creek at the mouth of the spring.

32. Dykes Cemetery
N 30 30.693, W 085 39.494
Within the cemetery is the headstone of Greenhead Postmaster John Davis Dykes; who was lynched April 15, 1916, in Vernon.

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